Bible Teaching Inc. encompasses Biblion College, Canyonview Camp,
Canyonview Press, Equestrian Center and Equestrian College

Current Projects

Equestrian Training Facility: We have broken ground on our new Equestrian Training Facility and it is approximately 2/3 complete, but we need your help to see this project to completion! It currently facilitates a 122x100 ft training arena, and a 28x100 ft maintenance shop; it will also facilitate a 12x120 ft stall extension, and 20x122 ft area for new classrooms, restrooms, and office space for Canyonview Equestrian College that are yet to be complete.

This project is a tremendous undertaking. It is a steal frame free span structure. We believe that this new facility is essential to facilitate the continued growth of our equestrian program. Help us bring it to completion.

Camp Renewal Campaign: Canyonview’s cabins have seen an update of their interior, but we still need help to bring about the the addition of restrooms to several of our cabins, as well as 2 new cabins, and a site-wide sewage treatment facility.

Click Here to view the entire Cabin Renewal Campaign brochure

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